People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

I was shocked and dismayed when I heard that Representative Tina Davis, an elected official with whom I’ve worked for a number of years, had taken such a cheap shot at Senator Tomlinson and his personal business.  The negative campaign piece she sent out is disgusting. There is an old expression that states, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” It seems to apply here.

Senator Tomlinson introduced a bill to protect the entrusted funds for funeral services of our constituents.  I say our constituents because when I was a State Representative and lawyer practicing in estate planning, I frequently received questions and concerns about prepaid funeral expenses.  For many families, prepaid funeral expenses are a part of the estate planning process. Such individuals need confidence that those prepaid funds will not be misused. Currently, big cemetery companies are raiding those accounts and putting thousands of customers in jeopardy. They argue their actions are legal, at best, they are using legal loopholes to pad their bottom lines.  Senator Tomlinson tried, and I was glad to support him, in closing that legal loophole to protect consumers.

State Representative Tina Davis should be ashamed for taking the side of big corporate businesses over that of her own constituents.  While she tried to imply that he feathered his own nest, she knew that her attack piece was false.

I am disappointed with my former colleague and hope that she will retract the statement and run a campaign based on issues important to Bucks County residents.  Although considering she is running for both State Representative and State Senator at the same time at what could be a substantial cost to the taxpayer, I’m not betting that she will.  Instead, she’ll continue trying to muddy the waters to hide her own problems by questioning the ethics of a Senator who has always demonstrated to me the highest standards of ethical conduct.


- Scott Petri, Former Chairman of the Pennsylvania House Ethics Committee